Sell Your Home Fast

Sell Your House Quickly to Avoid Foreclosure

When facing foreclosure sometimes there is pressure to think you have to Sell your house FAST! That means there is an “or else” right behind it.

It’s important to recognize that you have options even if you think you are running out of time.

We have highly skilled professionals who specialize in helping people understand their avoid foreclosure ct text banner options and avoid foreclosure. In other words we can help you understand what to do next for the best resolution to your difficult situation.

If a foreclosure is pending, the best thing to do is to contact us so that we can quickly review your situation, help you plan a path, get you in touch with your “support team,” and file the necessary paperwork to get the bank’s attention. Remember, banks don’t really want to “own” your property and are usually willing to do a short sale or look at other options.

Any Town in Connecticut

We started this site to reach people that are truly under-served. In a market where agents are typically paid a percentage of the sale price, financially distressed homeowners or those who realize they really do need to sell their home quickly may not be the top priority for an agent or broker busy working with “traditional” sellers. For example, in a short sale, the bank determines the commission for the real estate team. This has led to some agents and brokers shying away from seeking out homeowners trying to sell their houses quickly or under financial distress.

We’d rather work with the banks and help fellow Connecticut residents find the best options available to them. We feel it’s doing the right thing.

As a licensed Real Estate broker in Connecticut, I can work with any homeowner in the state and will travel to you to continue our conversation.

The first step is that you call us.

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Stopping Foreclosure via Reinstatement

This is one of “The 5 Fastest Ways To Stop Foreclosure in 48 Hours Or Less” which is a special report I can send you via email. (Download will be ready soon.)

This is not for everyone. But you can stop foreclosure proceedings against you by a process called reinstatement.

Brad Whiteman of Stop Foreclosure CT

How does it work? Reinstatement works when the loan is made current by paying the past due total amount. It’s not for everyone, especially if you are several months behind. Sometimes, however, especially if you work in a business where you are paid in big chunks like for completing a contracted job or selling a commissioned product, this is a viable option.

You need to know that you have an absolute right to have your loan fully reinstated within 90 days of being served with a Notice of Default. If you can do this, and continuing to make payments is not a problem, this is a great way to go.

Again, a reinstatement means that you are now able to make your mortgage payments or you can demonstrate your income has returned to a level where you can continue to make payments. By showing this ability you can talk with the bank or lender about bringing your loan current by paying off any past due amounts.

Sometimes the bank can arrange an increase in monthly payments until the loan is brought current and the past due amount is paid off. What this means is that each month you would pay off the past due amount by adding (as determined by the bank) to your regular monthly payment. You would pay this increase until the amount that was overdue has been repaid.

The important part is that you have to show the bank that you are able to resume making payments, and that you can pay the past due balance either as a one time payment or in monthly installments over a short period of time, usually 12 to 24 months. Generally when you do this you can reinstate your mortgage and keep your home.

If reinstatement is too far out of reach, want to explore other options, or you have made the decision to sell your home quickly, I can help.

If there’s anything I can do to assist you please don’t hesitate to call my office at: 203-530-1146 or email me at:

Brad Whiteman

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How to Purchase a Home in CT – Build a Team

How to Purchase a Home in CT – Build a Team

While interest rates are at all time lows and home prices are better than they’ve been in

years, it is still a tricky market, and purchasing a home requires a lot of market knowledge at a minimum. With so many home owners looking for ways to stop a foreclosure and work with banks through a short sale process, it would seem like buying a home would be a piece of cake! But there are important questions to ask.

Here are a few starter questions that a home buyer should be asking themselves:

1. Is the area I’m looking to purchase likely to increase in value or decrease?

2. Is the property I’m looking at in move-in condition or will it need repair? How energy efficient is the home?

3. How does the value of the property compare to those in the neighborhood? Is it the highest priced home or the lowest?

Knowing the answer to these questions can mean the difference between a smart purchase and a purchase problem. So what can you do to get these answers?

One of the best things a home buyer can do is build a real estate “Buying Team” around them. What do I mean by that?
This is the “Team” that is going to help you be the best prepared, the most informed, and the most responsive, to your home buying process.

Your Home Buying Team:

Your Real Estate Agent

In Connecticut it is very important to have a real estate agent who is in your corner and who knows how to navigate a “down market”. A down market is one where buyers might have an advantage in purchasing IF they know what to look for in a property. Our real estate agents are exactly that, trained and seasoned professionals who understand this market better than anyone else around. We are educated in distressed real estate, foreclosure real estate, and under-valued real estate. In this market, you have to look in these areas to make the smartest purchase.

Your Mortgage Lender/Broker

Getting your financial ducks in a row is critical to being nimble and prepared when the right property is found. This means being pre-approved for a mortgage if you need a loan to purchase or having your cash available if you are a cash buyer. In this market cash is king and significant discounts are sometimes given to a cash buyer. Cash isn’t the only thing though, first time home buyers can get great loan rates and conditions if they qualify. It’s always better to know BEFORE you start looking just what you are able to purchase. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the right house and not being able to afford it.

Your Real Estate Attorney

Having an attorney who practices real estate law, who does closings consistently, and who knows about foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcy, and distressed property issues is critical in today’s real estate market. Many times a property may be a short sale or is bank owned. While these properties can be tremendous deals and can be purchased at 10-20% less than their value, often times they come with very little upfront information like in a “traditional” sale. Your attorney will be able to do significant title searches to make sure that the property isn’t encumbered from a sale. This will save time and money.

I am fortunate that I have so many highly professional resources available to share with you. Home buying is an exciting time and there is so much opportunity in this market. But it’s not without pitfalls and I strive to make sure that your purchase ends up being a smart purchase. Let me help you build a team to achieve success.

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Do You Need a Short Sale?

Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with your mortgage and your bills? Is your house worth less than what you owe? There are a lot of reasons why a Short Sale might be a good move for you.  But how do you know if you should do it?  Is a Short Sale right for you? Even though you might think the following are obvious, sometimes it takes reading them and getting that other perspective for the choice to become clear. Here are some indicators to pay attention to:

1.You are having a hard time paying your bills every month.

2. You’ve missed some payments – utilities, phone bills, mortgage payments, taxes.

3. You’re having a hard time sleeping because you’re constantly thinking about the problems you have.

4. You’re angry, fearful, isolated, frustrated.

5. Life isn’t fun anymore.

6. You don’t want to come home after work.

7. You wish you could just move, but your house is worth less than your mortgage

8. You don’t know what to do and have no one to talk with about it.

9. You’ve lost your job.

10.You’ve gotten divorced.

11.You’ve gotten sick and can’t work.

12.Someone died and your left with all the bills and can’t keep up.

short sale foreclosure ct help-text banner contact info for BradThere are a lot of people in Connecticut facing foreclosure, who owe more on their mortgages than their house is worth in today’s real estate market.   The reasons are diverse, but the overwhelming feelings – the despair, the sense of being completely overwhelmed, are universally difficult. What is important to recognize is that you aren’t alone and that you have options. If you have questions about the short sale process and want to know if doing a short sale to avoid foreclosure is right for you, call Brad Whiteman, a licensed Connecticut Real Estate broker who has helped dozens of families in similar situations.  For more info about Brad, please read the About Stop Foreclosure CT page.

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Stop Foreclosure in CT

Brad Whiteman is a licensed real estate broker in Connecticut who specializes in short sales and pre-foreclosure sales to help stop foreclosure.

Since the beginning of the recent economic crisis, he began specializing in helping people sell properties they could no longer afford: primary residence, second home, an investment property, or a commercial property.  His broker’s license allows him to help people no matter what type of property, anywhere in Connecticut.

He has helped hundreds of people who found themselves facing insurmountable bills due to many difficult situations.  Many people have lost their jobs, or experienced divorce or death in their families.  Situations that make it impossible to pay all bills and the mortgage are more and more common.

Some have fallen behind on their mortgage, whether they bought their homes 15 years ago or bought their homes at the peak of the real estate market and now owe more than they could ever hope to get selling it.  Each situation is unique.  No matter how dire the circumstances, there is a path out of each situation, but action is required.

So resolve to call Brad today.  His number can be found in the About Stop Foreclosure CT page.

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